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Advanced NVQ Level 3 PLC

Title Advanced NVQ Level 3 PLC

Venue KITS

Duration 10 Days


Delegates will undertake 70 guided learning hours and sit the EAL NVQ Level 3 unit paper, which consists of various sections, a question section, a project section and practical troubleshooting sessions.

Delegates who have previously undertaken a five day Intermediate course, can apply to attend the second week and sit the exam.

The unit has a credit value of 10 towards the full qualification Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

Course Content

  • Recognise hardware and competently replace modules.
  • Operate the software to perform specific tasks.
  • Understand basic instruction set and make minor modifications to software.
  • Backup and restore a PLC program.
  • Perform basic system diagnostics.
  • Use manufacturers and/or distributors literature to select a suitable PLC for a given specified system
  • Convert numbers between any of the number bases regularly used by PLC systems
  • Calculate from scan time data the maximum and minimum response times of a PLC system to a specific input change
  • Use manufacturers and distributors literature to investigate modular and rack type PLCs and compare their key characteristics
  • Select a suitable input sensor for a given PLC application
  • Connect correctly, typical examples of input and output devices to a PLC
  • Draw up a detailed I/O assignment list for a specified PLC application
  • Draw an electrical installation diagram showing input, output and power wiring for a simple PLC application
  • Understand and describe the characteristics of input and output devices commonly used in PLC controlled systems
  • Explain the typical input and output interface circuits found on PLCs
  • Understand the use of NPN and PNP output solid-state sensors and how these are wired to sink and source PLC inputs
  • Understand the methods of I/O addressing used on PLCs


The assessment comprises of short answer questions and practical assessments that the learners must complete in a way that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the internal architecture of PLCs, their applications, and knowledge of the number systems they use, the typical input and output devices used with PLCs, their selection, and how they are interfaced to the PLC.

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